What to do in Cancun on a budget

In this post, we want to give you some ideas on what to do in Cancun on a budget. You can have a great time just as the locals do without breaking the bank!

What to do in Cancun on a budget?

There are a lot of free or cheap activities that you can enjoy in Cancun. From sunbathing on the beautiful Cancun beach to exploring the cenotes’ underground world in the Riviera Maya. You can also visit some cultural spots like archaeological sites and a museum or snorkel in the cristal clear water of the Caribbean sea.

Here are some cheap activities to do in Cancun :

Have a great time at the beach

All beaches in Cancun are public, so everyone can enjoy them! Find a public access to the beach, and walk through the seashore delighting yourself with the Caribbean Sea’s stunning colors. You can play volleyball or football on the sand, meet new friends, fly a kite, swim, sunbathe or walk. You will take the most beautiful photographs without any effort, and get an enviable tan!!!

What to do in Cancun on a budget? Go to the beach.
What to do in Cancun on a budget Photo: USA Transfers

Go to the mall

Go to Plaza la Isla! Maybe you won’t buy anything, but you are going to enjoy the beauty of this place. You won’t get tired of all the great stores, views, and entertainment that this mall offers. There you will find a Ripley’s and a Tequila Museum, a mirrors maze, and much more fun! Remember to find a spot by the lagoon at Plaza la Isla to see the sunset.

Or if you want to buy like a local, we suggest you visit “Plaza las Americas” in Cancun Downtown.

What to do in Cancun on a Budget? go to the mall
La Isla Shopping mall. Photo: Google Images

Go to the Mayan Museum and Archaeological Sites in Cancun Hotel Zone

Yes, you read well! In Cancun Hotel Zone, you can find a museum where you can learn a lot about our Mayan culture and two small archaeological sites, “El Rey” and “San Miguelito.”

El Rey Cancun
El Rey Mayan Ruins Photo: TripAdvisor

Go to Mercado 28 in Cancun Downtown

There you can find souvenirs and eat the most delicious typical food. The people there are very nice. You can also find little bands playing Yucatecan music.

Mercado 28, cheap things to do in Cancun
Mercado 28. Photo: Google Images

Visit Isla Mujeres

You can take the ferry or book a public tour to Isla Mujeres that includes snorkeling on your way to the island. Once there, you can rent a golf cart or walk through the island. There are beautiful beaches, souvenirs, delicious typical cuisine and seafood, and you can also visit the “Tortugranja”(“Turtles’ Farm”) where you can feed turtles and have a great time watching them. Sometimes, depending on the season, you can free some baby turtles and help them go back to the sea safely!

Tortugranja. Cheap things to do in Cancun
Tortugranja IslaMujeres Photo: H. Ayuntamiento de Isla Mujeres

Explore “La Ruta de los Cenotes”

Probably you’ve heard about the famous cenotes (natural sinkholes) in the area, and you would love to see one. Instead of visiting the most touristy and expensive ones, you can drive through the “Ruta de Los Cenotes” (“Cenotes Route”), where you can visit several cenotes with very cheap entrance fees. To get there, you can rent a car or book your transportation with USA Transfers.

Ruta de los cenotes. Cheap entrance fee
Ruta de los Cenotes. Photo: Google Images
Cancun private transportation with USA Transfers
Cancun private transportation with USA Transfers